The Little
Boy Scout and
The Beetle

I participated in the 'Drawings and Tales' workshop led by Jesus Cisneros at Rajata Art House in Bangkok, where I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried my hand at oil painting. The resulting piece, "The Little Boy Scout and The Beetle," tells the heartwarming story of a boy scout who embarks on an adventure with a newfound friend, a beetle.

As the little boy scout sets out to do a good deed each day, he meets a beetle and the two quickly become close companions. However, their adventure takes a dangerous turn when a big bird attacks the beetle. Together, using slingshots, they bravely fend off the enemy and emerge victorious.

In gratitude, the beetle gifts the little boy scout a special "good boy" badge, symbolizing the completion of his mission and the newfound friendship between the two. The story captures the essence of the joy of discovery and the bonds that can be formed between unlikely friends, making it a wonderful day for both of them, filled with excitement, bravery, and the joy of new connections.

My experimental artwork
My experimental artwork