1. What is licensing?
When an artist creates an artwork, regardless of whether it was commissioned, they automatically own the ‘copyright’ of that image. This means that they control the reproduction of the artwork.

The artist can then sell a licence for that artwork – which means someone else has the right to reproduce it, in specific ways, for a specific amount of time.

A license can be ‘exclusive’ meaning no one else can use that image while your licence lasts, or ‘non-exclusive’ meaning that anyone can licence the work from the artist at any given time.

The image itself still belongs to the illustrator. If the artwork is delivered physically, you must return that – typically it is digital and will be a flat file that you cannot edit.

The AOI: How to licence Illustration

2. How is a licensing fee worked out?
Licensing means that you pay for what you need. It’s not about the time taken by the artist, or their experience - it’s about how the image will be used.

For the illustrator to give you a quote you’ll need to give them the following details:

  • Territory: Which territory will the image be used in?
e.g. UK / USA / Worldwide

  • Duration: How long it will be used for?
e.g. 6 months / 1 year / 3 years / 5 years

  • Usage: What it will be used for?
e.g. billboards / newspaper / social media

  • Client: Who will be using it?
e.g. a big multi-national / small business / newspaper

The illustrator will then come back with their quote. They will strive to get this back to you as soon as is possible, but note this can often take a day or longer.

The AOI: How to licence Illustration

3. Is there any possible to use your illustrations without restrictions?
Yes, this is possible. You can pay a somewhat higher fee which allows the use of an illustration without any limitations of time, geographical extension or type of support. With a buyout, I still retain the right of image ownership and may use the image for self-promotion
1. How much do you charge for your illustrations?
If you already have a budget, please contact me for further discussion. Several factors come into play when considering the final price of a commissioned illustration/design:

  • The usage of the illustration
Licensing fee is proportional to the usage of an illustration and represents its added value in a precise context. The wider the usage, the higher the fee.

  • Number of illustrations

  • Territory

  • Duration of usage

  • Reasonable deadline

Illustration is all about rights and usages. What I’m trading isn’t actually my art, but the rights to reproduce it in various formats and media.

2. Can I have a quote for my project?
Go to the Contact page and tell me about your project. I will send you the Illustration Brief form. Your responses will give me a good overview of your illustration needs and enable me to put together an informed quote for the work required.

3. Do you work for hire?
Sorry, I don’t work for hire. “Work for hire” means that the creator of a work, who would otherwise retain copyright rights in the work, gives up copyright rights in the work. Rather, the employer or party who commissioned the work obtains these rights.

1. How long would it take to complete a project?
It depends on the number and complexity of illustrations, and on my current schedule. I shall use my best endeavours to deliver the artwork to you by the agreed date.

2. Do you accept any commission works outside Malaysia?
Yes! I prefer email communication, Dropbox, and payment through Wise, PayPal, Stripe, Malaysia or Singapore bank account. Prices and fees can be calculated in RM, SGD, USD or EURO.

3. What type of medium do you use for illustration?
I normally use Procreate and Photoshop. I will supply the required file sizes and file formats.

4. Do you accept personal commissions?
I do accept personal commissions. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas further. Additionally, if you're looking for custom portrait illustrations, please take a look at my portfolio here.

5. I have a children's book concept. Can you illustrate the book for me?
Please email me - I'll be happy to talk to you!

6. Can I link to your website?
Yes, I'm glad to hear that!

7. Can I post your pictures on my social media?
Please email me if you are posting any articles about my works and ask for my permission before you want to use any images of my works. Please make sure to give me full credit. (my name + link)

8. Where can I purchase your art?
You can purchase my art online, etsy, society6, pinkoi or find your nearest stockists here.

9. Do you accept wholesale or consignment?
Yes, please read here.

10. What kind of drawing utensils do you use?
Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Cretacolor Nero Pencil Extrasoft, Kuretake pens and Muji Pens.

11. What camera do you use?
I use Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1.

12. What website do you visit often?
Pinterest / It's Nice That / Instagram

13. What brushes do you use for Photoshop?
Kyle Brush and RetroSupply Co.

14. Are you really 152 cm tall?
Yes. I'm comfortable with it!

15. How many dogs and cats do you have?
2 dogs and 3 cats. They are Sogau, Oceh, Meshi, Momota and Kirakira :)

16. Do you have mailing list? Where can I follow your latest updates?
If you would like to be updated about my latest news, please join my mailing list. I also on other social networks: instagram / facebook / twitter / pinterest / behance

17. How can I contact you if I have any questions?
Please use email if you would like to commission me for your project. Sending me a message on FB or Instagram may not be the most efficient way to reach me. You can contact me directly at hello@minifanfan.com.