Portrait of My Mother at The Museum

My submission for the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2020 tells the heartwarming story of a little girl who visits the museum to see her mother's portrait. The portrait holds a special significance for the little girl, as the lady in the painting bears a striking resemblance to her late mother.

As the little girl explores the museum, she is captivated by the wonders of art, and imagination. She envisions herself and her loyal dog transforming into the statues that surround her, bringing the exhibits to life in her own unique way.

Despite the abundance of beautiful artworks on display, the little girl's focus remains fixed on her mission to find her mother's portrait. With the museum staff's help, she finally discovers the painting and is overcome with emotion at the sight of the woman who resembles her beloved late-mother. Overwhelmed with joy and love, she points it out to her father, exclaiming, "Daddy, I found mother's portrait!"

This touching story reminds us of the power of art and the memories that it can evoke, as well as the bonds that can transcend time and space.

✦ Honorable Mention — The first illustration, 3x3 International Illustration Professional Show No.17, United States / 2020