Na Tuk Kong

I am honoured to have my work featured in the "Graphic Days Torino: In The City | JUST HUMANS" exhibition at the Egyptian Museum in Torino, Italy.

The exhibition brings together 100 illustrators, including 50 from the local art scene, to share their unique perspectives on the theme of integration. Each artist has invited national and international colleagues to join them in this exploration.

My exhibition work explores the cultural and spiritual significance of Na Tuk Kong (or Datuk Gong), local guardian spirits worshipped in Malaysia, Singapore, and parts of Indonesia. These spirits are a testament to the early animism that influenced Malay and Chinese religions and reflect the unique syncretism and blending of cultures in Malaysia.

As a reflection of Chinese immigrants' respect for the local culture, the Na Tuk Kong shrines are a symbol of syncretism and cultural integration. Through my illustrations, I aim to showcase the rich cultural history of Malaysia, and its legacy of syncretism that has been shaped by centuries of mixing cultures.