These illustrations were submitted for an illustration competition, Bienal Internacional de Ilustração Solidária Ajudaris (BIISA). The theme is Creativity.

As an artist, I find inspiration in many places, but one of my favourites is the museum. Whether I'm travelling overseas or exploring my own city, the museum is a place where I can immerse myself in history, culture, and the beauty of human expression. By showcasing a wealth of collections, museums offer unique perspectives on the many facets of humanity.

To me, creativity is what defines us as humans. It's the spark of imagination that allows us to create art, literature, music, and so much more. And it's through the lens of creativity that we can better understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

✦ Selected — The second illustration, The Children Spectators in Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy / 2021
✦ Merit Award — The second illustration, 3x3 International Illustration Professional Show No.16, United States / 2019
✦ Third Place — The Great Manuel António Da Mota Foundation Award, Portugal / 2019
✦ Shortlisted — Cultural & Creative Award, Taiwan / 2018