The Rooms

Together with my collective team, Meet the Kawan, we organised our first curated exhibition titled "Bad Taste: An Illustration Exhibition" at Lostgens' Contemporary Art Space in Kuala Lumpur. I was honored to have my artwork included in this exhibition.

The COVID-19 lockdown has had a significant impact on my lifestyle and mental health. Initially, the changes made me feel anxious and uneasy, and my room, where I feel most comfortable, became a cage. However, I later embraced the change and found inspiration in recording my overwhelming emotions through my illustration work.

Our room is a unique place that allows us to escape the outside world and focus on other significant things in our lives. Room decor reflects a person's taste and personality, and the more time we spend at home, the closer it reflects who we are. A diverse lifestyle inspires people to be more receptive to new possibilities and experiences.

Taste cannot be defined; if we define good taste, it becomes dull, lacks creativity, and loses its uniqueness. Like our room, it's the most beautiful place for us, but it may not be the best for others.

✦ Merit Award — Hiii Illustration 2021 International Competition, China / 2022
✦ Honorable Mention — 3x3 International Illustration Professional Show No.19, USA / 2022