Museum Pests

Museum Pests is a project that I'm particularly proud of. It was commissioned by my friend Sylvia Haliman, a passionate objects conservator, who wrote some fun rhymes about the pests that can cause damage to museum collections. My role was to bring these pests to life through my illustrations, creating a visual representation of the problems that conservators like Sylvia work tirelessly to prevent. The result is a whimsical and educational series of images that showcase the beauty of art and heritage.

✦ Nomination — Hiii Illustration 2021 International Competition, China / 2022
✦ Honorable Mention — 3x3 International Illustration Professional Show No.18, United States / 2021
✦ Shortlisted — Communication Arts Illustration Annual 62, United States / 2021
✦ Winner — Creative Quarterly No. 62, United States / 2020