Evangelione x Minifanfan

Evangelione x Friends project was created to raise funds for the Hey, I Am Here Group Exhibition. The project features four dolls crafted by Evangelione, which were then customised by four local artists: Minifanfan (Gee Fan Eng), Yuwen Ong, Heather Chow Studio, and Happydoory. Each customised doll was framed and auctioned on eBay to support the exhibition's fundraising efforts.

Frida Kahlo

When I was offered the chance to illustrate my first children's book, Pequeña & Grande Frida Kahlo, I was thrilled. Frida Kahlo's story and artistry have always fascinated me, so I felt it was only fitting to create a Frida Kahlo doll as well. Her ability to express her pain and emotions through her art is truly awe-inspiring. Frida Kahlo is one of my greatest influences as an artist, and I hope to continue to honour her legacy through my own work.

Photo credit: Evangelione