Our Story

Our brand story begins with the founder of Minifanfan, Gee Fan Eng, who started her full-time illustrator career after working in the design industry for two and a half years. In June 2010, she launched her art label as a small business in her bedroom studio. With her dedication and passion, Minifanfan has grown into a lovely brand that creates and produces a range of handmade and original products, from Malaysia with love and care.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and the environment. All of our paper products are printed on FSC certified paper and assembled by hand in our studio. We use water-based, solvent-free inks for silk screen printing, and we are careful not to waste water in production. Each piece is inspected before shipping out to our customers.

Our aim is to spread joy and happiness through our art. Gee Fan's tagline, "Happy Drawings for Happy People," encapsulates our desire to create a positive impact through our work. We strongly believe that art is all around us and can have a powerful impact on our lives. We hope to inspire, uplift, and brighten your everyday life with our creations.

Thank you for choosing Minifanfan, where we strive to bring a little bit of joy, inspiration, and love to your world.